Software Engineering

Empty canoe on a serene lake

At Baseline Softworks, all software development is approached as a type of engineering.

In engineering, processes, materials, and people come together to reliably produce results. Software development can be principally performed around desired quality attributes, rather than the minutiae of specific design and implementation decisions.

Combining the right quality attributes with a fixed or flexible budget and team, end products and results are delivered consistently based on those attributes. Quality attributes become the main driver for all project decisions. The great amounts of autonomy resulting from having defined quality attributes leads to measurable gains in efficiency when actually developing your solution.

Baseline Softworks provides software engineering and other development resources your business needs to build/maintain:

  • New Product/Service Development
    Including feasibility studies, cost-benefit analysis, software architecture, design, coding, testing, and deployment.
  • High-Performance Software
    Including databases, networked systems, or environments where raw execution speed or response time is important.
  • Embedded Systems
    Including real-time systems.
  • General technical expertise
    For enhancing or transitioning your company’s capabilities.

Need specific expertise? Baseline Softworks can meet your needs.