New Project

I have an idea for a new project, but I don’t have the technical expertise or the resources to see it realized.

Is this just software, or is it something more?

You persuaded yourself that a market need can be met by pure software, but a slight doubt lingers. Maybe constraining the solution to something that is pure software will limit future opportunities, or that it may unnecessarily constrain your ability to generate value from your hard work. How can you think outside the box?

Baseline Softworks can help expand your entrepreneurial ability by assisting with technical feasibility and analysis of potential solutions to a market need. Whether your need is for a greenfield project, service development, or an off-the-shelf component, Baseline Softworks will help you select the best path forward that will allow you to generate new kinds of value. Work with the same company from inception to delivery and beyond.

Can I actually get there?

Software is only one aspect of the technology used for improving a business process. You know your market very well, and technology is changing it in very interesting ways. You’d like to be one of the first on the ground for that transition, but how? Your clients are heavily focused on people issues, and any technological innovation needs to demonstrate the usefulness of the suggested change.

Baseline Softworks practices disciplined software engineering in a variety of ways to come up with technical solutions to well-understood needs that have under-formed solutions.

The correct solution isn’t always the first solution. Success lies where software, hardware, and business processes come together to demonstrate a true competitive edge. Reach out to Baseline Softworks today, and find your success.