It takes about 10,000 hours to master a skill. With over 10 years of overall full-time industry experience, Baseline Softworks provides skilled and professional software engineering services using primarily the C and C++ languages, both in server/desktop and embedded/real-time contexts. Problem domain specialties include high-performance requirements, resource-constrained environments, networking, and real-time systems.

Your company’s code needs are unique. Whether writing in the current language of your project or migrating the project to a newer language, Baseline Softworks will find the best solution for your business.

Development Methodologies

  • Agile
    (including Scrum and Kanban)
  • Structured
    (including Waterfall and Phase-Gate)
  • Rigorous
    (including Formal Methods)

Programming Languages

  • C and C++
  • Assembly Language
  • Python
  • Scala
  • Java
  • C#

Scripting and Automation Languages

  • Python
  • Shell scripting (both Windows and Linux)

Tool Experise

  • IDEs (including Visual Studio/Visual C++, Eclipse, IDEA)
  • Source Control (GIT, CVS/SVN, Bazaar, Rational ClearCase, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe)
  • Development Environments (Self-hosted and cross compilation environments in both Microsoft Windows and Linux, legacy Solaris)
  • Experience with both GUI and console environments
  • Automation and continuous integration tools (Jenkins, Junit/Nunit, Gatling, Jmeter, NuGet)

Have a specific need not covered by the lists above? Looking for alternative software engineering solutions? Visit the contact page, and Baseline Softworks will work with you to find a direction that suits your business.