End-To-End Encryption

This page lists the current public OpenPGP keys for people at Baseline Softworks, LLC. You can use these certificates and keys to send encrypted e-mail or files to or verify digital signatures from those at Baseline Softworks.



Mark Bryant

Managing Member, Principal Software Engineer

OpenPGP Key

(Local Download) (Download from keys.openpgp.org)

3D26 1291 1C97 1CDB 5C0B 1399 498B 30EB E51A B16A
Last Updated: March 3, 2022
Expires: March 2, 2025

Baseline Softworks, LLC no longer uses S/MIME certificates issued by commercial certificate authorities to ensure end-to-end confidentiality between senders and receivers of e-mail. S/MIME certificates obtained under the policies below are still used to sign e-mail messages. This ensures that e-mail is authentic and from the indicated sender. Confidentiality is handled using OpenPGP keys.

The following documents describe the general approach to certificate and OpenPGP Key Management followed by Baseline Softworks, LLC.

Baseline Softworks, LLC usage of S/MIME certificates and key generation procedures

Baseline Softworks, LLC Certification Practice Statement for PGP Keys

Minimum security strengths for PGP keys and sub-keys

Recipient cryptoperiods for digital signature verification

Attestation statements for sub-keys generated within hardware cryptographic modules

Statement regarding plans for migration to ECC