Developing Project

I have a developing project, and I have technical expertise, but I am focused on other aspects of my business and need additional support.

Software is a low priority.

The real issue with your product-market fit is in distribution, or perhaps in making the right third-party connections. You aren’t interested in focusing on software, and you are tempted to go with the lowest bidder just to check the box and devote your energies elsewhere.

While taking the first offer can be tempting, you can miss out on opportunities over the long run if you select outsourcing or freelance services based solely on cost. Baseline Softworks can help address your specific needs and produce software according to a custom set of quality attributes. This empowers you to focus on other aspects of your business knowing that the product under development will be built for the long haul right from day one.

Whether short or long-term, a qualitative-focused engagement with on-shore software developers can produce exactly what you want and none of what you don’t want. A fresh perspective can help you address challenges efficiently and successfully. Put Baseline Softworks’ expertise to work for your company so that you can focus on what truly drives you towards your aspirations and goals.

Just how expensive is this going to be?

Your budget forecasts are turning out to be wildly optimistic. Finding funding was a success, but HR is having trouble locating affordable help. Could it really be true that the unemployment rate for skilled software developers hovers around 1.5%? You don’t think you will ever find the talent you need without poaching, which means inevitable generous compensation packages. How will this affect your company culture? Shareholders don’t want to wait 3 or 4 quarters for the perfect team to be gathered before they see progress.

Baseline Softworks can help you show near-term progress on your solution while empowering you to assemble the perfect engineering department. Hourly rates are only one side of the story when working with outside help. Scale from 8 to 40+ hours per week, depending on how much progress will satisfy your shareholders and stakeholders. Define your maximum outlay for the most critical part of your new business’ history. Start from an established set of software engineering fundamentals, and gradually hand off the project to your in-house team.