Current Project

I have a current project and am looking for additional expertise to enhance my team and see a specific project to completion.

If I could only have 30 hours a day…

You know what you do, and you are good at it. Clients love your products, but they have lots of demands for more functionality. Some of the client requests are big stretch goals, but pulling them off leads to a huge payout. There’s a great team in place, and you know they could complete the project if only the market gave you more time.

Maybe your team is too focused on web technologies to efficiently pivot to database optimization work. Perhaps the spin-up time to work on an elevated risk project with embedded systems or C++ is unacceptable to management. With unemployment for skilled software developers as low as 1.5%, it would be nearly impossible to find someone who is both a good culture fit with your team and possesses the technical skills required to help complete the project by the deadline. Poaching another firm’s employees is an option, but accounting won’t approve the generous compensation package required for an ideal candidate to leave their existing position.

Temporary help from Baseline Softworks will help you reach your goals in the short term through co-sourcing within your existing team. You can concentrate on your long-term needs by finding the right fitting candidate without being rushed. Take advantage of the expertise of Baseline Softworks, and leverage an outside perspective to make your vision a reality.

You mean I have to free this memory?

You’re a web developer, and the boss needs you to maintain a library written in C++.

It looks simple enough, but there are a bunch of aspects of this project that are not in your usual skill set. There’s no VM. You need to keep track of the memory layouts of member data in classes. You need to use multiple inheritance to make use of interfaces. How do you call code between the JVM and native C++? Do you need to manually call destructors for this? Should you just make all methods virtual? Oh my, look at this crazy list of compiler errors! It’s not even telling you where the error is in your code!

Baseline Softworks can help relieve the inevitable stresses of branching into new directions or maintaining existing systems of which current developers lack technical knowledge. Whether temporary or not-so-temporary, the co-sourcing or local outsourcing arrangement can involve the eventual hand-off and knowledge transfer back to your in-house team. Put Baseline Softworks’ specialty expertise to work for you, and take advantage of expert software engineering capabilities.