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When traditional outsourcing is not enough…

When it comes time to execute on a plan, one of the most difficult tasks is to find real technical experience that adapts rapidly to your needs. This task is often large enough to divert attention from more important strategic duties.

For the established organization, co-sourcing with an external consulting company can lead to positive outcomes in transparency, clarity, risk minimization, and control.

Efficient software development requires specialists, but when treading new ground, strong interpersonal skills are just as important as straight technical knowledge. Traditional outsourcing strategies, such as those used for graphic design and web development, may not be enough to reach your goals. Using short- or long-term strategies, such as on-site work within an existing team or the execution of maintenance contracts, respectively, local outsourcing and co-sourcing produces results aligned to your most important objectives and sets you up on a path for independence on your own terms.

Focusing purely on cost-based outsourcing can ignore important steps in your current and future plans. You must keep in mind your desired quality attributes, eventual project hand-off, and eventual transition plans to an in-house engineering team. Baseline Softworks provides co-sourcing services to entrepreneurs that need to solve problems for the long-term.

Co-sourcing can provide a new perspective that can get your project to the next level.

Start developing a technical solution while your specialized in-house engineering department is formed. CTO and management can both form the perfect internal team and show near-term progress on the solution. Transition to your carefully constructed in-house team on your own terms!